Introducing the Inez Leon Mysteries

Désirée Zamorano is the creator of a dynamic Latina outsider named Inez Leon. A skilled private investigator with a tortilla chip on her shoulder, Inez lives for truth, justice and the Mexican-American way.

In Human Cargo, Inez gains access to Pasadena's Russian community in order to find a missing family. She uncovers a culture of underground nightclubs and virtual slavery, as well the high price of a passage into this country.

Human Cargo was named the mystery pick for the 2011 Latinidad List.

Here she talks about and reads from Human Cargo for GuerrillaReads, the online video literary magazine.


"Exquisite in every subtle detail, Des Zamorano's new literary mystery Human Cargo introduces PI Inez Leon, the most compelling new detective in years. Once you meet the articulate and penetratingly clear-eyed Inez, you will not be able to put this book down."
—Jerrilyn Farmer, author of the best selling Madeline Bean mysteries

"A page-turner featuring a protagonist who could be your BFF—one who happens to be a PI with a black belt in Krav Maga."
Marcela Landres, author and publisher of Latinidad.

"P.I. Inez Leon can break your heart or your kneecap with equal skill. She is smart, funny and dangerous, especially for bad guys trying to escape justice—a heroine you can care about."
Patricia Smiley, best-selling author of False Profits