Selected Works

Short stories

  • Norma
  • Habia Una Vez
    Crab Creek Review
  • Nightmares
    Vasterian (Vol.1, Issue 3)
  • The Upholsterer
    Kenyon Review online
  • Deep State
    The Obama Inheritance: Fifteen Stories of Conspiracy Noir
  • Amarisa’s Cooking Pot
  • A Woman of Privilege
    Akashic Books
  • Adela’s Pages
    Huizache 2014
  • Quicky
    Rose City Sisters
    2009 Story of the Year Finalist
  • Mercy
    West Magazine
    Los Angeles Times
  • Souvenirs
    Pinehurst Press
    Pushcart Prize Nominee
    Bowker/Scanlon Award
  • Supernova
    Pinehurst Press


  • Bell Gardens 90201
    Bilingual Foundation of the Arts
  • Reina
    Bilingual Foundation of the Arts